Mean Girls

Recently, I was asked by a principal of a local middle school to come to the office and talk to three “mean girls” of the 5th grade class. I was scared, lol!

I was the victim of bullying when I was growing up, so flashbacks ran through my head. But, I knew my purpose in life is to teach EVERYONE true confidence. When I walked into the office, I saw these three beautiful girls sitting there with the weight of the world on there shoulders. After a full hour of allowing them to be heard and fully open up to me, I got to the root of the issue. No one believed in them or told them how amazing they are. They didn’t like themselves. I shared my story and immediately they connected to me, which help me grab their attention. I poured everything I knew to say into them.

We cried, hugged, and I saw a light in their eyes. A huge break through happened. All these girls wanted was to be heard and love. They promised me, they would guard their mouths and actions and not be mean to another girl or even themselves. I said I don’t want to hear when school starts back in the fall, you are a “Regina” again. If you haven’t watched Mean Girls, I highly recommend it, lol! I gave these girls my phone number to text me.  I felt they needed someone they felt safe to be able to reach out too.

A few days passed and I got a really sweet message from one of them. Her words touched me. She thanked me foe coming and told me she took everything I said and was going to go into the new school year as a new girl! I am excited to see these girls thrive. My theory is true, most of bullying steams from lack of confidence. If I can continue to teach my 5 Step Strategy to true confidence, more girls would be able to empower themselves and others. It just takes one to be the change. I challenge you to talk to your children at an early age how to fully love themselves. It lays such a strong foundation for them! 


Brandi Jo Middleton


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