How it all started…

In 2016,  I was in the worst state of my life, I was battling with obesity, food addiction, hair loss, depression, anxiety, anger, and heart issues. I was a mess! After having an echocardiogram done on my heart, the doctor came in and said, if you don’t get healthy and lose weight, you will not see your son grow up! I knew I had to do something! I had waited so long to become a mom and my husband and son deserved for me to be a better person. I came home that afternoon, and decided today was the DAY! I sat down and developed a plan to hold myself accountable and change from the inside out. I pulled from what I had learn in therapy, my Celebrate Recovery classes, Overeater’s anonymous ,the Bible, self help books I read, and what God put on my heart. Crowning Confidence started that day in 2016. I wanted to find the true “crown” of confidence everyday in my life! I have always been drawn to crowns and what they represent! I knew most of all the issues I battled in my life for 38 years stemmed from having low self esteem. When I started doing my 5 steps I created everyday, I started changing. I felt like I had a fresh new outlook on life. My bad habits started changing and I found who I really was inside. I fought hard for myself! When people started asking me what I was doing, I felt lead by the Lord to share. He gave me a second chance in life, and I felt like it was my gift to others to share my program! I didn’t want to see another person hurting the way I was or felt so alone and ashamed of who I was for years. Last year, I had several people tell me I need to compete in the International system, because my story needs to be heard all over the world, and that system aligns with my morals. After much thought and prayer, I decided to sign up to compete at Tennessee International state. I worked for a full year to prepare myself mentally and physically. God blessed me beyond measure and I was crowned in April. I never in a million years could imagine that or for me to be going to a National stage to compete with the most amazing women all over the world. To say it is truly surreal and humbling is an understatement. Looking back at the past few years, it is so neat to see how many places and how many classes I have taught Crowning Confidence! I am excited to continue to teach and inspire so many men and women, and children all around the world!


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