Crowning Moment!

If you told me two years ago that I would be competing in a pageant, especially with fitness wear, I would have said there is NO way. Especially, weighing close to 300lbs in 2017. But God had a plan for me! After, so many of my friends watched my health and mental transformation, many people started encouraging me to compete! I chose the International system because I personally knew four former Mrs Tennessee International winners, and watched their journey. I did alot of research and feel in love with what the system stands for and how it aligns with my morals! I signed up last Fall and hit the ground running preparing to compete! I wanted to make myself proud, my family, and to be a role model to every woman out there to show them what hope and possibility looks like! Walking into orientation, I immediately fell into the comparison trap and almost self sabotaged myself. I had to pray and breathe and remember why I was truly there. I wanted my voice to be heard to every hurting person in the world! I gave myself a pep talk and decided, the only person I truly am competing against is myself! Every contestant there would make an amazing winner, and I left it all in God’s hands that whole weekend. At every event, I felt His peace. The moment I heard my name called as the winner, my heart skipped a beat.. I knew God created me for the mission and role! I am to be His light to help pull people out of despair! Since being crowned April 13, 2019, I have traveled close to 10,000 miles. Made over 50 appearances and taught my Crowning Confidence curriculum to all ages and genders! God’s hand is guiding me to make a huge impact and that is my number 1 goal! My crown is your crown!!! The moment the crown was placed on my head, my life has changed. I am beyond grateful, humble, and so excited for this year! I hope to make my great state of Tennessee so proud of me at Nationals! It is truly an honor to be your Mrs Tennessee International 2019!

My favorite verse is…

Esther 4:14 Perhaps you were born for such a time as this…

I know I was born for this job and position! To God be the glory for helping my dreams come true! And the most amazing moment of that night I was crowned, my husband helped crown me and our little boy was in the audience! My son said I won because he prayed for me! My family was a big part of my huge day💜❤️💜


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