The Comparison Game

My biggest pageant advice is to not compare! I know how hard this is just in general, but especially in pageants! Comparison robs us of joy and our confidence. I spent years and years trying to stop comparing myself to others. I thought I had overcame the comparison game, until I starting preparing to compete at Nationals. I teach confidence in my program I developed… so why was I allowing the doubts back in for myself? I was so in awe and intimindated by these amazing women that I will be meeting next week. I immediatley felt that I wasn’t good enough, young enough, pretty enough, accomplised enough, fit enough, smart enough, you name it… I felt it!!! It took me a few weeks, and with alot of prayer, God revealed to me that I am uniquely made by Him, and I don’t have to be like anyone else. No one is better than anyone. We all are a miracle, special, and worthy of everything in life! The only competition we have is ourselves. We can be a better verision of ourselves daily!! I had to give myself some tough love, go back over my steps and strategy of Crowning Confidence and learn that God placed me in this position for a reason! It isn’t about me, it is about His work and for me to be a light for those hurting! From my years of pain came a purpose. My purpose is to teach everyone what true confidence is. I stand on what God says about me, and I want you to believe it in your heart, that you are enough! You are loved❤️ I will be walking into a room next Monday filled with some of the most fabulous women all around the world, I am not going to be comparing myself, but instead, be thanking the Lord that I have the opportunity to be there to meet them all and join an amazing sisterhood!! If you are struggling in the comparison game, come join my Facebook group and let’s link arms❤️

Philippians 2:3






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