Find the Crown inside your Heart👑❤️👑

My motto and mission I live by and what my Platform stands for is Confidence is your Crown👑 Find the CROWN inside your heart❤️
I have lost many many many times in my life growing up in pageants, dance competitions, and in life. The one thing a dear friend told me a long time ago, is be the best you can and you will always win. The trophy or crown might not be in your hands, but it is there in your heart💜This poem was given to me years ago, and it is something I hold dear. I hope this encourages you no matter what you do or goal you go after in your life❤️

It’s not the title, nor the crown that counts. It’s not the weight that’s lost that really amounts. It’s not the makeup designs, or the gown that you wear. Or the shape of your build, or the length of your hair. You see, the growth of a Queen is all done inside. It’s nothing support hose or makeup can hide. The real preparation is done in the mind. It’s leaving your fears and faults behind. It’s lifting your soul to a place that’s far seen. It’s modeling a woman to the height of a Queen. It’s hard and it’s work, it’s not easily done. But when it is over, you”ll know who has won. When the pageant is through and the lights are turned down. You will know you are a winner and you”ll have your crown. You see, all crowns are different, it’s really an art. Yours can be rhinestones or the growth in your heart💜#ium #iumwhereyoumattermost #iYOUm #beHEROIC #ifyoubelieveyouwillachieve #crowningconfidencebybrandijo #confidenceisyourcrown #findthecrowninsideyourheart #kindnesscorner #cinderellascloset


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