Mean Girls

Mean girls don’t remember what they said. Well, it’s funny cause I can’t seem to forget their whispers opened up the door to a world called insecure. No, mean girls don’t remember what they said.
Stick and stones may break my bones, but no one ever warned me about words. I smile and I pretend it doesn’t hurt. But the older that I get it just gets worse. Lord, find me and remind me that my worth is worth so much more than their words. The little girl inside that picture frame was smiling cause she never heard of shame, but now mean girls are the reason why I change my clothes a thousand times before I walk out the door.” -Leanna Crawford
To look at my childhood pictures, you would think I had so much confidence. I grew up on stage in pageants and in dance. But, that girl in those pictures was struggling with her self worth and confidence. Mean words from classmates, family, boys, close friends hurt my soul. As a child, you don’t understand how to process that. I struggled for over 30 years not loving myself, my body, and I felt so alone. It took me long time to learn that when people hurt you, they are hurting themselves. We all struggle with things. Let us set the example and share kindness. Let us teach children how to be kind. Adults get bullied just as much a children do now. The more kindness we can share to others and ourselves, the more change that will happen! #ium #iYOUm #ifyoubelieveyouwillachieve #sistersbysash #kindnesscorner #crowningconfidencebybrandijo #confidenceisyourcrown #findthecrowninsideyourheart #dontbeameangirl #sharekindness


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