How I found the crown inside my heart, and you can too!

I went after dreams and competed on April 13, 2019 in Franklin, TN and won Mrs. Tennessee International 2019. I competed in the areas of interview, on stage question, fitness wear, and evening gown. I also won Online People’s Choice voting award. I will be competing at Nationals in July for the title Mrs. International in West Virginia.

I am a mom, wife, and run a global makeup business online. I am a licensed esthetician and cosmetologist, as well as a top leader in my biz. I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, everything Disney, and helping women feel beautiful! I have overcome many obstacles in my life, including obesity, hair loss, depression, post-partum, and eating disorders of 25 years of anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating. Because of what I went through, I developed a 5 step strategy called Crowning Confidence and it is a proven method to teach women how to heal through any obstacle they are facing and find the crown inside their heart daily. I empower women, kids, and even men, (everyone no matter what age or gender needs my training). I teach through my free workshops, online classes, and teaching in beauty schools, elementary and high schools, women’s organizations, veteran’s events and many other charities with this strategy.

My mission is to help everyone around the world and cure the epidemic of insecurity! When a woman is truly confident they can change the world! If I can overcome my huge mountains, I know you can too! I am tired of seeing so many girls and women suffering and the root of the problem is lack of confidence, I have a method that will truly change you from the inside out! Too many young girls are committing suicide, too many women are living in abuse, too many are not living their best life!!! Too many are living in bondage of addictions, how do you break an addiction, CONFIDENCE IS THE ANSWER!!!! Let me help you get your life back!!! I believe in you and know you can!!!!

During my reign, I will be traveling the state making appearances on behalf of the pageant and promoting my platform Crowning Confidence. I have a free online group packed full of support and my teaching on how to find the crown in your life.


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