Gray May

Today is National Day of Gray! The brain tumor experience is full of extraordinary darkness and extraordinary hope! The gray area that falls in between is what drives us toward the mission of conquering and curing brain tumors. This #GrayMay, take action and raise awareness to make lasting change for the brain tumor community!
Many do not know, but at the age of 21, I was diagnosed with a benign pituitary brain tumor. About 10,000 are diagnosed each year in the United States. I remember how scared I was after hearing the news and being told, it would be very difficult for me to ever get pregnant. That was so crushing to hear at such a young age. I have been taking medicine for over 20 years to help keep the tumor under control and it to not grow, the medicine has been great and so thankful for it. I chose not to have surgery because of the fear of having them work on my brain. I am happy to say despite the doctors telling me I would struggle having a baby, I was finally able to get pregnant 8 years ago to a healthy baby! I did have to stop my medicine for a while to prevent birth defects, but my baby was a true miracle. I never was allowed to breastfeed because it would make my tumor grow fast due to prolactin levels in my body. One of the biggest things that makes me sad that I didn’t get to give to my baby. I just want to bring awareness today to brain tumors and how many struggle with all different kinds. Men can also develop this as well. Please listen to your body. I am so glad I did, and told my parents what was happening to me in my early 20’s. If you would like to know the symptoms, message me and would be happy to help you! You are not alone!!! #ium #iYOUm #ifyoubelieveyouwillachieve #sistersbysash #beHEROIC #iumwhereyoumattermost #graymay #braintumors #braintumorawareness #braintumorsurvivor


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